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Issue #226 – Colts Luck Turns Around

September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

Week 1: Colts 21 Bears 41
Haiku Count: 1744
A rudderless ship
New coach, GM, and QB
Colts Luck turns around.
New defensive scheme
pays off immediately
with sack and pick six
Untested mixture
of rookies and vets on line
will take time to gel.
Don’t measure season
by wins and losses this year
Watch for improvement
What once was gimme
is no longer a sure thing
Vinny misses kick
Wayne’s one-handed grabs
inspire confidence in
Andrew Luck’s first game.
Hapless replacement
referees damage the game
players, fans alike
Without a pass rush
Colt secondary looks like
big chunk of Swiss cheese.