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Issue #220 – Defeated, Not Downtrodden

September 27, 2011 in Issues | Comments (0)

2011 Week 3: Colts 20 Steelers 23
Haiku Count: 1694
Last minute field goal
Defeated, not downtrodden
Signs of improvement
No game of finesse
Freeney, Mathis wielded as
blunt force instruments
Mirror universe?
Run game, run defense are strengths.
Passing, not so much.
Not since days of “Goose”
has Colt defense stirred passions,
inspired crowd to hope.
Concussion or no,
Painter has greater upside
Give the kid a start.
On field processor
Fast mind better than fast feet
Collins can’t compute
Each punt caught in bounds
Ev’ry kick an adventure
Potential touchdown
3rd down nemesis
Defense gives up big yardage
Offense can’t convert.