Issue #217 – Bitter, Bitter Pill

January 9, 2011 in Issues | Comments (0)

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2010 Wild Card: Colts 16 Jets 17
Haiku Count: 1670
Bitter, bitter pill
Last minute mental mistakes
Give Jets easy score.
Fitting, in a way,
That game against Rex Ryan
Comes down to two feet.
Patience with run game
Pays play-action dividend
Touchdown for Garcon
Bullies off the line
Second half, Jets establish
clock killing ground game
Blame enough to share
Keep chains moving, stop the run
tackle kick returns
Curse of third and one
Defense stacked close to the line
Stubborn Colts still run
In waning seconds
Colts time out gives Jets big break
No need to rush kick
Consecutive stops
forced by stupid penalty
should have won game.
Young and untested
Rag-tag squad showed their true grit
This fan salutes them.

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