Issue #218 – Captain, My Captain

September 11, 2011 in Issues | Comments (0)

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2011 Week1: Colts 7 Texans 34
Haiku Count: 1678
Captain, my Captain.
Next man up matters little
When best man goes down.
Car without engine.
Locomotive without steam.
Offense in ruins.
That they would struggle
Is no great surprise, really.
But this much? This soon?
Gut-punch nightmare start.
Last we checked, Peyton doesn’t
Play D, cover kicks.
Memo to O-line:
Clark can’t be expected to
Block Williams alone!
Will one injury
Dictate outcome of season?
Colt TEAM will decide.
A rudderless ship,
Adrift in stormy waters.
Collins takes the helm.
So much for Colt pride.
Over before it started.
Two fumbles end game.

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