Issue #219 – Training Camp On Fly

September 19, 2011 in Issues | Comments (0)

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2011 Week 2: Colts 19 Browns 27
Haiku Count: 1686
A work in progress
Adjusting to life without
Manning will take time
Look at first four games
Like second pre-season for Colts
Training camp on fly.
Hang close three quarters
Doesn’t mean anything if
team phones in the fourth.
Glaring weaknesses
on defense and special teams
Exposed, exploited.
Commitment to run
Young strong lineman blast holes for
Addai and Carter
First completed pass
of second half came in 4th
when game was over.
When pass hits the hands
Colt receivers share the blame
Catchable balls dropped.
A flawed strategy
Good defenses should play well
with or without lead.

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