Issue #221 Ponies Pillaged and Plundered

November 5, 2011 in Issues | Comments (0)

2011 Week 4: Colts 17 Bucs 24
Haiku Count: 1704
Big plays possible
Get the ball in Garcon’s hands.
He will do the rest.
Two Captains go down.
Brackett and Bullit done for year.
Heart & soul of D.
Fourth quarter collapse.
Moral victories won’t cut it.
Team must seal the deal.
Freeman held in check.
Eventually defense
wears down, surrenders.
First start for Curtis.
Given some time & practice.
He could man the fort.
Gone are Sapp, Brooks, Lynch.
New faces, but same result.
Bone crunching defense.
Hoist Jolly Roger
Ponies pillaged and plundered.
Real booty: a win.
Monday Night rematch.
No prime time meltdown for Bucs.
Manning in the booth.

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