Issue #222 – First Win, the Hardest

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2011 Week 5: Colts 24 Chiefs 28
Haiku Count: 1712
Late game heroics.
Colts hope one half is enough.
Chiefs prove it is not.
Dallas disasters.
Littany of dropped passes
gives cause for concern.
With game in hand,
Defense phones in second half.
Where are the leaders?
Catch worthy of note.
Duane Bowe tips pass to himself,
despite penalty.
Credible pass rush
takes pressure off Colt corners.
Without it, we’re screwed.
Peyton patrols sideline.
It must be surreal for him,
seeing team implode.
Painter’s best ally,
Reggie has no chemistry
on field with him.
So many close games
could have given team boost.
First win, the hardest.

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