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Issue #225 – Halfway Imperfect

November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

2011 Week 8: Colts 10 Titans 27
Haiku Count: 1736
Halfway imperfect.
8 games, no wins in sight.
Time for paper bags?
Note to special teams
on any Colt kick return:
Take a freakin’ knee!
Tipped passes net picks
14 points off turnovers.
Difference in game.
In goalpost’s shadow
Titan wave swarms over
Hapless Colt punter.
Single bright spot in
a forgettable season:
Rookie D. Carter.
No leader of men.
Locker room lost; apathy.
Cladwell’s time to go.
With season now lost,
Grim prospects for improvement.
No free pass for coach.
How long will owner
defend management’s mistakes
and pathetic play?