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Issue #204 – Big Boot to the Head

October 4, 2010 in Issues | Comments (0)

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2010 Week 4: Colts 28 Jaguars 31
Haiku Count: 1565
Big boot to the head
Questionable Colt time out
Gives Jags time to score
After ten great years
Has parity dragged Colts to
Snapshot of defense
Teams can run and teams can pass
with equal success
Offensive miscues
allow Jags to stay in game
Fumble, pick, no points.
Bailout turned blunder
Ball hits Hayden’s hands, but no,
He drops the sure pick.
Pocket Hercules
Labors long and hard to keep
grinding out each yard.
Lost in this week’s  loss
Clark’s 4th down conversion and
Reggie’s career day.
Win some and lose some
Gone are the questions of resting
players at year’s end.